Have you ever worry about having a chubby cheeks or double chin?
By: Admin On: 23-10-2017

Then, you should try some smarter ways to make your face slimmer. 

Now, lets look at the underlying principles of facial acupuncture remedy, which will help you lose face fat naturally. Facial acupuncture helps you get rid of excess water, boosts cell metabolic function and tightens the facial muscle. So, who need this the most? People with:

  1. Swollen face

  2. Swollen eyelid and dark circle

  3. Sagging face muscle

  4. Acne 

Last, let‘s introduce some important acupuncture point. 

  1. Ying Xiang Point 

    Below eyeballs and besides nose. This point helps with swollen eyes, prevent sagging face muscle and relieve sore in the shoulder. 

  2. Cheng Jiang Point

    Between lower lip and chin. This point balances hormone secretion, prevent sagging face and improves skin elasticity.


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